DIY: Cozy Coupe Batmobile

So, I’ve been thinking that as well as using this blog to write generally about the joys of parenting (the very first thing my 4 year old said to me upon waking up this morning was “hey, imagine you had an EYEBALL IN YOUR BUTT, WHAT WOULD YOU SEE?”) I would maybe do the odd DIY/crafts/recipes type post, since I’ve made a few things over the years that might be of interest. Although, I’ll still mainly be posting things more along the lines of ‘eyeball butt’ since my repertoire of useful, post-worthy skills is limited but my accounts of Noah and Ben being disgusting human beings are basically endless.

You may have seen tutorials for this floating around the internet already, since I actually did this project 3 whole years ago (I know, super current and relevant blogging here). However, if you haven’t seen it and you have an old Cozy Coupe car in your possession, then you should absolutely do this for the following reasons:

1. It’s quick to do.
2. It’s cheap.
3. Your kids will genuinely think that you are cool for a limited time. These moments are rare and must be grasped with both hands at any opportunity for validation and self-esteem reasons. Not that you aren’t cool, though. Making packed lunches is cool. Religiously enforcing a three person limit on the trampoline or maximum swing-height limit to prevent the VERY REAL THREAT of falling to their death is cool.


So, here are the things you’ll need:

1. Two cans of Rustoleum Direct-to-Plastic Spray Paint in black
2. Sandpaper
3. White vinegar
4. Old sheets or a large sheet of cardboard
5. Batman Logo vinyl stickers (I got mine on eBay for around £2)

1. Wash the car thoroughly with warm soapy water. Employ help for this. Quickly realise that they aren’t helping in the slightest and have actually managed to make the car LESS clean. Wait until they’re bored of “helping” and do it yourself. Then wipe down with the white vinegar.


2. Once dry, lightly sand any scuffed/scratched areas of the car. I got ours from a charity shop for £5 and it had a lot of scratches and marks, but if yours is in good shape you could probably just ignore this step. Also, great jewellery choices in 2013, Kerry. What the fuck is that ring? Is that…a dragon? Are you some sort of MEDIEVAL KING?


3. PAINTING TIME. I have seen some tutorials that tell you to disassemble the entire car and spray each piece separately…but since it’s all being sprayed the one colour I’m going to go ahead and suggest you save some time and just spray it all as it is. Lay down old sheets or some big sheets of cardboard before you do this because it does NOT come out, so unless you’re into that goth garden aesthetic you’re in for a bad time. I used two cans which was enough to do a couple of coats. Leave it to dry overnight.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.45.08

4. Stick your Bat symbol stickers to either side of the car and any other Batman-related embellishments you so wish. We also ordered a Batman license plate sticker on eBay to stick to the front which looked great, but sadly I don’t have a picture because it was 3 years ago and all the stickers have since fallen off thanks to the Batmobile being left out in the rain and snow for several winters, and THAT is thanks to having the world’s shittiest hut that you could ever possibly imagine that doesn’t actually have space for more than 3 items. When we ordered it from Homebase we noticed they had literally named it the “Billy O’Budget Shed” which was nice, you know, for those moments when you just want to feel EXTRA poor.

5. YOU DID IT. You made a Batmobile. Your kids are super impressed. You’re cool now. Nothing can take this moment away from you. Bask in the glow of your achievements. Then, casually and in a still totally cool way tell them to be careful riding it and to please not climb on the top of it when you’re brother’s driving it incase you fall off and then maybe the car tips over and then you’ve both fallen and are now POSSIBLY SERIOUSLY INJURED. You are now no longer cool. You’ve ruined it. Accept that you will always ruin it. But your kids have a Batmobile and are super happy, so that’s always nice.